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February 2022 Newsletter

The Battle of Affordability. Market watchers are predicting rising interest rates combined with rising prices are going to give the valley’s real estate market demand a one-two punch that even low supply cannot overcome.  And yet the historically and shockingly low...

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Market Snapshot January 2022

Given the unprecedented strength of last year’s real estate market in Phoenix, a slowdown feels long overdue. But thanks to supply remaining stubbornly low (2022 began with the lowest number recorded), the expected cooling off is not showing up just yet.  We saw some...

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Hello 2022

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  As our year begins it is appropriate to take a quick look at where we have been and where we may be headed for 2022.  2021 saw one of the strongest seller real estate markets ever.  What began as an accelerating...

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Final thoughts for the 2021 market

As our year heads to a close, here is a quick look at where we are and where we seem to be headed for 2022.  2021 saw one of the strongest seller real estate markets ever.  What began in the tail end of the 3rd quarter of 2020, went hyperbolic in the first half of...

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The Upcoming Valley Real Estate Market

“It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Yogi Berra  It’s the time of year where 2022 housing market predictions begin to appear. Zillow weighed in with their prediction for a national pricing rise of 14-16%.  But then again, these are the same...

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Signs of a cooling market

Signs of a cooling market The Phoenix housing market is cooling, but it is far from cold.  Here are some interesting numbers from the Cromford Report.  From April 1st to October 1st, the number of homes for sale in MLS rose 92% going from 3,591 to 6,883 active...

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The Market Rebalancing Backslides

For those who are hoping for a rebalance of the market (we confess to be in that camp) this last month put a damper in the steady progress towards that goal which had been building since April. Increasing supply is the answer to rebalancing – and July delivered in...

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The Market Shift Continues

As we have been reporting for a while now, supply is increasing as the market continues to shift towards rebalancing.  The number of homes for sale is up 42 % since May, and up 24.7 % in just the last month – which would be alarming if we didn’t start from a...

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The Market Begins to Cool

The Market Begins to Cool The market has been in such an overheated condition this year that any headline of a “market slowdown” is almost inherently misleading.  Yes, the market is slowing.  But it is a good sign, not a bad one. The market shift actually began in...

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July 2021 Monthly Snapshot

DEMAND WEAKENS The market has been shifting since March when the properties available for sale hit its smallest number.  As we mentioned before, this market has been largely controlled by the supply (or more accurately, the lack thereof).  Supply is finally starting...

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