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June Market Snapshot

The Market Roars Back The valley’s real estate market has once again returned to the level of “frenzy” – with the number of properties under contract exceeding what is for sale.  As of 6/10/20 there are 10,764 active listings.  The number of properties with an offer...

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How’s the Market?

About that real estate market of ours – it certainly was impacted by the pandemic.  Perhaps the biggest surprise to most people is what the actual impact looked like rather than what they assumed would happen.  Let’s examine the impact in the key areas that compose a...

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A “Thank You” From a Client

To Russell, Wendy, JC, Andrew and all the fine folks at Realty One – THANK YOU! After 19 offers we have accepted what we thought fit our objectives best. Thanks to Wendy for all of your counseling and advice. Outstanding job of taking things a measured step at a time...

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May Market Update (VIDEO)

Wendy Shaw, Co-Owner at the Russell Shaw Group, tackles questions about our current market status and our expectations for the future in this video market update. From what we can see, the Phoenix market is holding steady, although at a much lower level; we have not...

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May Market Snapshot

What Are The Current Market Patterns?Enough time has passed since Arizona’s “stay at home” orders that we can now see the patterns established in the valley’s real estate market:   Greater Phoenix homes under contract dropped 39% over the course of 6 weeks between...

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April Market Snapshot

The Housing Market Isn't Stopping!The COVID -19 virus and the housing market are squaring off.  It is early in the fight, so we are loathe to predict too much at this point.  In our 42 years of practicing Phoenix real estate in all its iterations – a pandemic virus is...

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