September Video Market Update

The September market sees what looks like a peak! For all the information on what things look like from the top, Russell delivered a live discussion on our business Facebook page to bring everyone up-to-speed.   To browse our other market updates, you can search...

August Market Update

The Market Frenzy Continues. For Now.   As counterintuitive as it sounds, the pandemic has fostered a frenzied real estate marketplace.  Sellers “sheltering in place” have been slow to come to market during this period - causing supply to plummet.  The pandemic...

July Market Update

The Housing Market Reaches Extremes   It may come as a shock to most that the real estate market has become the strongest seller market since 2005.  This may sound preposterous. How could the real estate market swing so strongly in favor for sellers when Maricopa...

June Market Snapshot

The Market Roars Back The valley’s real estate market has once again returned to the level of “frenzy” – with the number of properties under contract exceeding what is for sale.  As of 6/10/20 there are 10,764 active listings.  The number of properties with an offer...

The Importance of Market Updates

     The valley’s real estate market is an ever moving target.  We consistently track the numbers to measure supply, demand, and pricing.  Our “Market Update” is designed to share that knowledge with you.  Every month we provide our personal commentary on the market with a graphic snapshot of the numbers.  For those who want to view trends, we archive our last 5 updates for additional viewing.  Click on any of the “updates” above to read more!


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